Here’s hoping there’s room for one more on the bandwagon because granny just decided to get her sweet skin in the game!

Hello! and welcome to the desk of the arby’s witch; I do not take requests and I am very thirsty.

The other day I left my skylight open and when I wasn’t looking a whole bunch of rain got in and soaked my thick┬ácarpet through. The patch of wet it made can never be made dry and my whole room smells of must. I have no one to complain to and nowhere else to sleep.

Whilst yelling at a young stranger on the internet today I wondered how many likes it would take on my comments to convince me I’m not a cyberbully. It took one.

Recently I bought strawberries from the store that molded the moment I passed the threshold of my own front door. They leaked red juice everywhere and I had to throw them out. I took satisfaction in knowing they bled before death.

I have a friend who works at WordPress. They did not get me any hook-ups or upgrades for this site despite working at WordPress and being my friend. Sometimes I question if we’re even friends. I tend to not question if they work at WordPress.

I give this blog post a 5.


from the desk of the arby’s witch.


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